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    Video caption: Nations League: Giggs hopes for no racism repeat in Bulgaria

    Ryan Giggs hopes there is no repeat of the racism that marred England's October, 2019 visit when Wales go to Bulgaria in the Nations League.

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    Video caption: Migrants head towards Turkey's EU borders

    Drone footage shows a small group of migrants heading towards Turkey's borders with Greece and Bulgaria.

  3. Kapka Kassabova back in her native Bulgaria

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    Video caption: Thirty years later, author Kapka Kassabova, returns to the borders of her native Bulgaria

    Thirty years later, the author Kapka Kassabova, returns to the borders of her native Bulgaria

  4. Bulgaria in contact with UK government


    Essex Police said the vehicle is from Bulgaria and entered the British mainland via Holyhead, Anglesey, in north west Wales, on Saturday.

    A spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs in Bulgaria told the Press Association: "Our embassy in London is in contact with the British authorities to clarify the case involving the 39 people found dead in a truck in Essex.

    "The British police have been contacted and a representative of our embassy has also had a meeting at the Foreign Office in London.

    "At present, it has not yet been confirmed whether the truck has a Bulgarian registration.

    "There is also no indication of the nationality of the human bodies found in the truck.

    "British police have warned that the identification of the bodies will take a long time."