Wiltshire Police

  1. Dog 'deliberately' killed with sharp object

    Police officer and car

    A dog found dead in Chippenham was 'deliberately' killed with a sharp object, police believe.

    The three-year-old Doberman was found near Avenue La Fleche at about 21:00 BST on 22 September.

    Wiltshire Police said the couple who discovered the dog took it to a vet, as they believed it had been hit by a car.

    However, following further examination by the vet, police now believe the dog was killed with some form of sharp object.

    “This was understandably a very distressing incident for the owners of the dog," said PC Darren Willis.

    "While initially it was thought the dog may have been knocked down after being found near to a busy road, we now believe this was not the case and that this was in fact a deliberate act," he added.

    PC Willis said it was likely the incident did not occur in the area the dog was found, and appealed for anyone with information to get in touch.

    The owners of the dog, who had been out looking for her after she had run off while on a walk earlier that evening, have been informed.