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  1. Vodafone to drop Egypt business and cut down on debt

    vodafone storefront

    Vodafone says its nearing a deal to sell its Egypt business to the Saudi Arabian Telecom Company. By selling its 55% stake in Vodafone Egypt, the FTSE 100 group will make a dent in its large debts.

    Last May, it had €27.0bn of debt at the end of its financial year, down from €29.6bn a year earlier - and still aimed invest in 5G networks.

  2. Huawei: Vodafone committed to using a range of telecom firms


    Vodafone UK says it "will now analyse the potential impact of today’s decision" about Huawei on the non-core elements of its network.

    It says: "Vodafone UK uses a mix of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia equipment for its 4G and 5G masts, and we continue to believe that the use of a wide range of equipment vendors is the best way to safeguard the delivery of services to all mobile customers."

    What isn't clear, at this stage, is how the government's 35% cap on Huawei equipment being used in the UK's non-core telecoms network will be defined - will limited by geography or by operator, for example?

    Vodafone says:"By working closely with the relevant authorities on any required substitution of equipment and it’s timing, we aim to keep any potential disruption to customers to a minimum."

  3. Vodafone Malta sold

    Vodafone logo

    Vodafone says its is selling its Vodafone Malta operation to Monaco Telecom for a cash consideration equivalent to an enterprise value of €250m (£212m).

    It will continue to use the Vodafone brand for a "transitional period".