Nigerian general election 2019

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Nigeria election chief delays presidential vote
Presidential and parliamentary elections are rescheduled, with logistical challenges blamed.

Is Nigeria's electoral commission ready for Saturday's vote?

National Commissioner Festus Okoye say the election will be free and fair
Nigerians are preparing to vote in Saturday's presidential election. It has been a busy few months for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), which is charged with organising the poll in Africa's most populous country. 

INEC has been delivering election materials to all corners of the vast country, dealing with attacks on some of their offices, and facing accusations that the vote will not be free and fair. 

Newsday’s James Copnall asked an INEC national commissioner - Festus Okoye - whether they can meet the challenge.

(Photo: Staff separate ballot boxes before delivery to polling stations ahead of Nigeria's Presidential election. Credit: Getty Images)
Nigeria election 2019: Father and daughter discuss the poll
We listen in on a political conversation between father and daughter ahead of elections on 16 February.