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Profit pressure for airlines

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The International Air Transport Association cut its forecast for the industry's profits in 2019 to $35.5bn from $38bn, after $32.3 billion in 2018.

Now Reuters reports there are signs of a further downgrade when the industry body meets next month.

Alexandre de Juniac, IATA director general, told a meeting of industry officials: "I am a bit worried and I am sorry to tell you that I think we are at a turning point. The figures will be in the black but will be more difficult".

'Tougher trading environment'

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BBC Radio 4

Johan Lundgren

Johan Lundgren, the chief executive of Easyjet, has been speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today Programme.

He says trading is in line with expectations - no airline expects to make a profit in the winter season - but that conditions are tougher than last year.

"It's not so much that there isn't demand out there but it is definitely a tougher trading environment," he said.

"It's partly down to the uncertainty that existed and exists around Brexit. There are macro-economic uncertainties in a number of European countries," he said.