Economic effects of Brexit

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    Video caption: Lorry drivers protest at post-Brexit fish export rules

    Lorry drivers have been holding up the traffic in Westminster to protest about difficulties selling fish exports to the EU.

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    Video caption: Brexit: We will compensate fishing businesses - PM

    Boris Johnson tells a Commons committee that difficulties in the fishing industry are "temporary frustrations" caused by "a variety of problems".

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    Video caption: Belgium after Brexit: How the change will affect popular exports

    Companies that trade with the UK say higher prices and less choice are on the way.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Your questions answered

    What Brexit means for Britons travelling, shopping, studying or owning properties in the EU.

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    Video caption: Lib Dem leader Ed Davey on Brexit deal: 'This looks a very bad deal'

    The Liberal Democrat leader voices concerns about the Brexit deal agreed between the UK and the EU.

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    Video caption: Brexit deal: 'A thin deal for Wales' says first minister

    First Minister says the Brexit agreement is better than no deal - but will remain difficult for Wales.

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    Video caption: Reality Check: The customs union explained

    Confused by Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks the basics.