1. Chickpea Water (Aquafaba) Desserts | Laura Young

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    Video caption: Here's how to make a tasty wee vegan dessert using chickpea water (aquafaba if yer fancy).

    With just aquafaba, sugar, chocolate and a little lemon juice you can make two simple yet delicious waste saving recipes. Oh and they're both vegan!

  2. This Poem Is Vegan | A Poem By Gray Crosbie

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    Video caption: A spoken word poem about veganism by plant-powered poet Gray Crosbie.

    Plant-powered poet Gray Crosbie on the health benefits they've experienced, the environmental impact and our relationship with the animals we call food.

  3. What if the whole world went vegan?

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    Video caption: If the world went vegan what impact would it have on climate change and the environment?

    What would happen if everyone in the world went vegan - not just for a month, but for good? What impact would that have in terms of climate change and the environment?

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    Video caption: Dog meat: Koreans are divided over the issue

    Eating dog meat has become controversial within South Korea as growing numbers own dogs as pets.

  5. Coronavirus: Owner of Hendersons 'devastated' at failure to keep mother's legacy alive

    Angie Brown

    Edinburgh and East reporter

    Hendersons kitchen

    The UK's longest-running vegetarian restaurant is among businesses across Scotland which will not be reopening their doors as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

    Hendersons in Edinburgh announced earlier this week the family-run business, which began life as a farm shop in 1962, had gone into liquidation.

    Owner Catherine Home, whose mother Janet was the pioneering influence behind Scotland's first vegetarian café, told the BBC she is devastated at not being able to keep the family's legacy alive.

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  6. Veggie roots: Miles Chambers meets Rachel Ama

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    Video caption: Miles Chambers grew up veggie. Can Rachel Ama convince him to return to his roots?

    The poet Miles Chambers grew up veggie in the 1970s. Rachel Ama turned to veganism a few years ago, but is famous for concocting Caribbean flavours with veggie recipes.

  7. Veggie roots: Miles Chambers meets the inventor of the Vegeburger

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    Video caption: Gregory Sams invented the Vegeburger mix which fed Miles Chambers as a child in the 1970s.

    Miles Chambers grew up in a veggie household in the 70s - the Vegeburger was a staple in his childhood. He meets the plant-based pioneer, Gregory Sams, who came up with the idea.

  8. Would you eat less meat and dairy to help save the planet?


    Your thoughts on changing diets.

    Roy said: "Our family has already cut down on red meat. Our daughter is now a vegetarian and we eat a lot more vegetables and 'superfoods', cooking from fresh more."

    But Rodney said: "There is zero chance I would cut down on dairy or meat. Anyone who tries to impose a tax on meat has not got my support. We have to learn to adjust to climate change - that's it."

    Mike added that he wasn't likely to cut down on his meat consumption, but said he would holiday close to home to avoid unnecessary flying.

  9. Would you cut down on meat to fight climate change?

    Dairy cow

    People should cut the amount of beef, lamb and dairy products they eat by a fifth to combat climate change, according to a new report out today.

    It says public bodies should lead the way by offering more plant-based options..

    But it says if people don’t cut consumption voluntarily, taxes on meat and dairy might be needed.

    Have you changed the way you eat to try to cut greenhouse emissions? Or would you struggle to get through Veganuary? Get in touch:

  10. Vegan trend 'a disaster for British agriculture'

    The Conservative MP for North Herefordshire has said he's got "an issue with this desire to go to a plant-based diet".

    Speaking in a debate in Parliament Bill Wiggin said that while it's "not strictly true" he doesn't like vegetarians or vegans, "this current trend away from eating meat" is a "disaster for British agriculture" and he spoke up for the beef and lamb produced by farmers in his county.

    Bill Wiggin

    He also said that while "choices are fine", he disagreed with "this vegan argument that by not eating meat you are saving the planet".

    That perspective seems to be at odds with recent research by both scientists at Oxford University and the United Nations.

    Switching to a plant-based diet can help fight climate change, according to a major report by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which says the West's high consumption of meat and dairy is fuelling global warming.