PMQs: Corbyn and May on post-Brexit Chequers trade deal
The prime minister gives a one-word answer when Jeremy Corbyn asks about her plan for a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

No Brexit deal 'a significant' challenge to car industry

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UK Prime Minister Theresa May

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes says that Prime Minister Theresa May's proposed new plan for the UK to stay partially in a customs union for a limited period would help assuage the concerns of carmakers.

He says: "The [Chequers] plan actually delivered not everything - it wasn't a panacea for the industry - but what it proposed was actually a step in the right direction for our industry.

"What matters for this industry is making sure we get a deal. If we have no deal that is going to be a significant challenge to the industry, undermining competitiveness, it makes it that much harder to export and that invariably challenges the industry."

'It's not about my future but that of the UK', says May
The Prime Minister had been asked how long she would stay as leader.
Theresa May hits back at Boris Johnson over Chequers plan
The Prime Minister says Boris Johnson's was wrong to call the Chequers plan a "suicide belt".

Let's work with the Chequers plan, says CBI

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Northern Irish border

CBI director-general Carolyn Fairbairn says that the Chequers proposals are "the beginnings of a framework of a plan".

"The withdrawal agreement is 80% there," she says. "We need all diplomacy now to focus on the Northern Irish border and the Chequers proposal has much of what our economy needs, it delivers frictionless trade that is vital so we have the beginnings of a blueprint - let's work on that.

"The idea of having a thousand different myriad options, throwing everything up in the air frankly would be another hammer blow to the economy."