US election 2016

  1. Trump adviser: We are going to cut taxes

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    Video caption: Donald Trump's senior economic adviser says the president-elect is a "tough negotiator"
  2. What will President Trump mean for Asia?

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    Video caption: Would Trump impose huge tariffs on Chinese goods?

    Would Trump impose huge tariffs on Chinese goods? Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia and President of the Asia Society, spoke to Owen Bennett Jones.

  3. Nobel Prize winner on Trump's economic policy

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    Video caption: Professor Hart, winner of Nobel prize for economics, looks at Trump's economic policies
  4. Rees-Mogg and Miliband clash over Trump

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    Video caption: Jacob Rees-Mogg says a Trump win was better for the UK, Ed MIliband says he's delusional
  5. What is wrong with you America? asks Moby

    Billboard magazine


    Moby has waded into the Donald Trump presidential debate by penning an strongly-worded open letter to his fellow Americans.

    The EDM producer used US magazine Billboard to aim a lengthy diatribe at his countrymen entitled 'What the ---- is Wrong With You?'.

    The 51-year-old New Yorker starts by begging the question: "America, why are you so afraid of evidence?," comparing the decision to elect the Republican candidate to being as damaging as deciding to smoke or eat junk food.

    He then launches into a personal attack on the president-elect himself, labelling him:

    Quote Message: A dim-witted, racist, misogynist, who has ruined businesses and has no policy proposals other than 'build a wall'."

    Moby calls himself "a life-long progressive and the Republicans "simply terrible", but speaks in glowing terms about Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

    "In the process you've denied the presidency to an experienced and erudite woman whose only shortcoming is being on the receiving end
 of a 30 year right-wing smear campaign.

    Quote Message: The climate will suffer. the inner cities will suffer. children will suffer. animals will suffer. gun deaths will continue to skyrocket.
 we will suffer. all because Americans live in this delusional, upside down world wherein they're unwilling to look at evidence."

    Read the letter in full but you might want to sit down for this one, as there's some full and frank (read swearing) language.  Moby is clearly not a happy man.

    He did warn us though to be fair, when we caught up with him before the election.

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    Video caption: Feminist writer Naomi Wolf says Hillary Clinton's defeat is not a gender defeat