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Microsoft 'innovative but not cool'

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Microsoft beat expectations yesterday to deliver revenues of nearly $34bn (£27bn) and profits of $13bn.

Aaron Shields from Fitch brand consultancy said Microsoft's strength came down to "trust" and "innovation".

Although he acknowledged the firm lacked something other tech giants didn't, calling Microsoft "innovative but not cool".

He said the software giant still had a lot of "head height" with its Azure cloud computing platform because "that's where the whole world is heading" and that positions Microsoft well, he thinks.

"The likes of apple live or die on their product releases but Microsoft seems to buck the trend by just offering really good hardware that continues to sell."

Microsoft sales jump on cloud computing

Satya Nadella
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Computing giant Microsoft has reported $13.2bn in profits in its most recent quarterly results, exceeding analysts' expectations of $9.4bn in profits.

Its rise in sales, up 12% to $33.7bn, is partly due to its cloud computing offering Azure. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a $2bn cloud deal with US telecoms provider AT&T.

Since chief Satya Nadella took over in 2014, Microsoft has climbed to become the market's most valuable company with a current market cap of $1.1trn.

Growth of Microsoft's cloud service Azure will be key in determining whether the software giant maintains its trillion-dollar market cap after its earnings report.

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The John Wick star's surprise appearance and other highlights from Microsoft's video games event.

Windows shopping in London

Microsoft is about to open a new three-floor flagship store at London’s Oxford Circus on 11 July.

A few doors up from the Apple store it'll be vying for tech-fans attention with “interactive zones surrounded by immersive video walls” according to Retail Week.

And a "community theatre" will put on free workshops for visitors to learn about tech and coding and such.

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