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Provides an overview of the Czech Republic, including key events and facts about this European country which was part of the former Czechoslovakia.

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Thousands protest in Prague against prime minister

Czech Republic protests: Thousands call for PM Andrej Babis to go
Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of the Czech capital Prague demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

He is currently facing a criminal investigation over alleged fraud and is also the subject of an EU conflict-of-interest investigation. 

Organisers say 250,000 people attended the rally, however this has not been confirmed.
Prague protest demands resignation of PM Andrej Babis
The protesters want the resignation of Andrej Babis, accused of fraudulent use of EU subsidies.

Revised results for Czech Republic

There's a reason why they're labelled provisional – the data from the European Parliament for the Czech Republic has been revised. Compared to the first version, the Social Democrats have "lost" their only predicted seat. They had four in the previous parliament so they could face total wipeout.

The parties in the ALDE and Left groups have also been docked one each.

The winners out of the revised (but still provisional) results are the Conservatives and the Centre Right. Prime Minister Andrej Babis's ANO is on course to gain two seats.

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