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    Video caption: Liverpool explosion: UK terror threat level raised to severe

    Home Secretary Priti Patel explains why the terror threat has been heightened.

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    Video caption: Liverpool explosion: Aftermath of car blast at hospital

    Three men have been arrested under the Terrorism Act after a man was killed in a car explosion.

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    Video caption: Jenrick says government Prevent scheme has lost its way

    The UK government’s anti-terrorism strategy needs to be "less woolly", says Robert Jenrick.

  4. Paramilitaries: Clear and Present Danger

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    Video caption: Stephen Dempster uncovers a secret MI5/PSNI review of ongoing paramilitary activity in NI.

    Stephen Dempster exposes ongoing paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, using intelligence from a secret MI5/PSNI security assessment.

  5. Elizabeth Neumann - US Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism, 2018-2020

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    Video caption: Stephen Sackur talks to Elizabeth Neumann, a former official in the Trump administration.

    Stephen Sackur interviews Elizabeth Neumann, a former counter-terror official in the Trump administration, now intent on purging the Republican party of the enablers of extremism. Can she succeed?

  6. James Mitchell - Former interrogator for the CIA

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    Video caption: Zeinab Badawi speaks to American psychologist James Mitchell.

    Zeinab Badawi speaks to American psychologist James Mitchell. He helped draw up and carry out the CIA's enhanced interrogation programme after the September 11th attacks.

  7. No evidence suspect on terror database

    Frank Gardner

    BBC Security Correspondent

    Whitehall officials say the suspect in custody was not on their database of SOI’s (Subjects of Interest).

    They do not rule out the possibility that links to proscribed terror groups could later emerge from the forensic analysis of his phones.

  8. Investigation will be 'delving deeply' into suspect's life

    Dominic Casciani

    Home Affairs Correspondent

    Scotland Yard’s decision that the killing of Sir David Amess was an act of terrorism confirms that, on the basis of what they know so far, the killer was motivated to use violence to further their cause.

    There’s no public suggestion from investigations at the moment that there is a specific additional threat to MPs – but detectives and colleagues in MI5 will be delving deeply into the life of the suspect to understand how he reached this mindset and whether this was an attack by a “lone actor” or someone who is part of a network.

    It also confirms the initial conclusion that there would need to be more resources thrown at the investigation.

    Behind the scenes a wider range of detectives and support staff will now have been brought into action.

    If officers have recovered the suspect’s mobile phone, they will now be forensically examining its contents to uncover potential evidence of mindset and planning.

    A phone – and any bank cards - will also help detectives track the suspect’s movements in the days and weeks before the incident.

    That in turn leads them to CCTV so they can build a three-dimensional view of his life.

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    Video caption: MI5 boss: 'Recent events in Afghanistan will have emboldened extremists'

    MI5 Director General Ken McCallum told BBC Radio 4 Today programme that a terrorist attack in the UK is "highly likely".