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    Video caption: Kate on children's 'horror' at her lockdown haircuts

    The Duchess of Cambridge tells fellow parents about how she's handling lockdown with her three children.

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    Video caption: Home learning: School 'has done the best it can'

    One family is "really pleased" with its home-school provision despite calls for more consistency.

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    Video caption: Covid-19 lockdown: Coping with triplets and stage four cancer

    Emma has a 17-year-old, triplets and stage four cancer - here's how she's doing in England's lockdown.

  4. I Can’t Have My Son Home

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    Video caption: John’s mother fears he is involved with county lines. Can she find a way to stop him?

    John’s mother thinks he has been groomed to be a drug’s mule. He has special needs and she has reached out for help but she can't control him. What should she do?