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Provides an overview of Belize, including key events and facts about this Central American country

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Is Latin American cricket just a jolly for expats?

Simon Parker reports on a new drive for cricket to put down roots in Guatemala.
Cricket in Latin America is often dismissed as an elitist sport played only by expats.

But new schemes are trying to put the sport on a firmer footing, starting at grassroots level.

Stumped reporter Simon Parker went to Guatemala to follow their annual series against El Salvador. 

Photo: Guatemala vs. El Salvador (Simon Parker)

Athletics: Bawdsey's Sealy seals gold for Belize

Ben Parker

BBC Suffolk sport

Suffolk Olympian Katy Sealy has won a gold medal at the Central American Championships in Honduras.

Katy represents Belize and took top spot on the podium in the heptathlon.

The Bawdsey resident featured for Belize at the Olympic Games in Rio where she took part in the 100m hurdles.

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