Stem cells

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    Video caption: What a stem cell ‘reboot’ technique could mean for us? is working on a method to produce any type of cell in industrial quantities.

  2. How our Jainism helps us fight for our son

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    Video caption: Kirpa and Nirav hope to find a stem cell donor for their son Veer

    Kirpa and Nirav rely on their Jain faith as they campaign to find a donor for their son.

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    Video caption: 'I was told prepare my children for the worst'

    Helen Hughes was the first woman in Wales given a pioneering cancer treatment on the NHS.

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    Video caption: Cured of HIV: I want to end stigma and discrimination

    Adam Castillejo, the second person to be cured of HIV, on his experiences of undergoing treatment.

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    Video caption: 'We're heading to Russia for MS transplant'

    Two women are taking the chance to go access an intense chemotherapy treatment in Russia which aims to stop the damage caused by MS.

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    Video caption: Multiple sclerosis patient's home renovated by friends

    When Kath Lee returned from having MS treatment in Mexico she was surprised by her friends who had renovated her home.