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Idiot's guide to being London Mayor released

George Greenwood

BBC News, London

Goldsmith and Khan

Ever wondered what it takes to be Mayor of London? The Greater London Authority has released a copy of the guide it gave to Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith in the run up to the 2016 Mayoral election on how to do the job.

This document includes advice that much of the Mayor's work at the Greater London Authority is "discretionary" and reliant on their status as a "well-recognised figurehead for the capital."

It also offered advice on how to use the Mayoral Twitter account, said the Mayoral external affairs team's job was to promote London as "one of the greatest cities on earth" and offered a long list of events from the FA Cup final to Notting Hill Carnival that the Mayor had to decide whether to attend.

It set out some of the early decisions the Mayor would have to make, such as whether to allow the redevelopment of Wimbledon Stadium to go ahead or not, and also explained that the Mayor would have to decide on their management approach, whether to give staff free reign or to make most decisions themselves.

You can read the full guide on the GLA website here.

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MPs hit back at abusive Christmas messages

David Lammy tweet of hate mail
Twitter/David Lammy

MPs have revealed some of the abusive, threatening and racist messages sent to them in the build-up to Christmas.

They include a racist card targeting shadow home secretary Diane Abbott which said "stop Labour stealing our white Christmas".

Tory Zac Goldsmith tweeted a card he received which wished him a "cancerous New Year".

Last week a watchdog raised concern about the "vile and shocking abuse" of politicians.

The Committee on Standards in Public Life said an "intensely hostile online environment" had been created and warned people would be put off from entering politics because of the abuse.