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Gurkha women: "It's my turn to prove myself"
Nepali women will be able to join the British Army in 2020 - here are two who dream of being soldiers.

Nepali peacekeeper accused of sex abuse in South Sudan

Nepali soldier in South Sudan
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The UN say four teenage girls came through the base's fence

A Nepalese peacekeeper in South Sudan has been accused of sexually abusing a teenager in the latest allegation against a so-called blue helmet.

The UN said in a statement that on 13 April "four teenagers were caught trying to enter the United Nations base in Aweil through the perimeter fence".

"It was alleged that one of the teenage girls had been touched inappropriately by a member of the Nepalese contingent in exchange for money."

Contrary to media reports, the UN statement denies there is an allegation of rape.

The UN said Nepali authorities will conduct an investigation.

The UN peacekeepers' mission is to protect vulnerable civilians in conflict zones but they have been hit by a raft of child sex abuse scandals across Africa.

The Turbans: The band who met on the road

Their music blends ancient melodies of the Levantine and Balkan regions
Guitarist Oshan Mahony and violinist Darius Thompson met years ago in Nepal and began busking their way through India. They never imagined that years later they would be releasing an album with the friends they met on their travels. 

The group is known for their music that blends ancient melodies of the Levantines and Balkans. Its members can trace their roots to Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Spain, and England. 

Their debut album, which features a new single called Riders, is being released on April 6th. Oshan, Darius and oud player Maxim Shchedrovitzki have been speaking to Newsday's Paul Hawkins.

(Photo: The Turbans band Credit:  Zoe Savitz)