Drugs trade

Totnes police seize Lego-shaped ecstasy haul

A woman has been arrested in Totnes after being found with 75 Lego-shaped ecstasy tablets.

Seized drugs
Totnes Police

The woman was also found with ketamine worth an estimated £1,000 in the town centre on Tuesday evening, said Totnes Police.

Officers said the MDMA tablets shaped like Lego blocks were aimed to "appear less harmful than they are".

"They are simply dangerous drugs made up of who knows what," they said.

"There is obviously a market for them in Totnes, as there is for ketamine which is often used at raves and music events.

"Ketamine is extremely damaging to the body.

"Please stay clear of these drugs. They can kill you."

The woman was arrested and later released under investigation pending further police enquiries.

Drugs seized
Totnes Police
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