Dutch Labour party stages comeback

It was an "unexpected comeback" for the Dutch Labour party, which won with 18% of the vote and double their seats. The Freedom party of Geert Wilders, the anti-Islam politician allied to the far right in Italy and France, may lose all four of their seats, although that is not confirmed.

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Medical cannabis: Breaking the law to help our child
The parents of a young girl with epilepsy have to travel from the UK to the Netherlands for medical cannabis.

Netherlands - Commissaris Van Der Valk

Mark Lawson visits Amsterdam in search of the detective Van Der Valk.
The Van der Valk novels written by Nicholas Freeling became a popular Thames TV series starring Barry Foster in the 1970s. A British chef who lived first in Holland and then France, Freeling's books depict both post-war Europe and the development of closer European ties in the European Union. 

Mark Lawson's series exploring European history through crime fiction continues with a trip to Amsterdam in search of Van der Valk. Lord Grey Gowrie remembers interviewing Nicholas Freeling before his death in 2003, and Dutch author Saskia Noort describes her books about crimes involving women which draw on trends in Dutch society now.

Producer: Robyn Read

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2012.