Heatwave warning after cat loses ears

Bob Dale

BBC Live reporter

The stray cat
Cats Protection

A cat has had to have its ears amputated after becoming sunburnt.

The stray white female was taken to the Cats Protection centre in Tunbridge Wells after giving birth to five kittens.

Staff have named her Kahlo, and say white pets such as her are particularly susceptible to sunburn.

The stray cat
Cats Protection

It was a shocking thing to see. The precautions people need to take are not letting their cats out in the hottest part of the day, making sure there’s plenty of places to hide and if they need sun block the best place to go is your vet”.

Joel ScottVolunteer lead, Cats Protection

Trapped kitten named Dusty freed by firefighters

A "shaken and very thirsty" kitten was rescued by firefighters after it became trapped in a wall cavity at a shop in Balham.

London Fire Brigade said it was called to Balham High Road on 22 July to save the three-week-old animal.

Crews from Tooting fire station used a disc cutter and sabre saw to cut away parts of the wall in order to save the kitten - named Dusty - with the rescue taking about 50 minutes.

Rescued kitten being held by a firefighter
London Fire Brigade

Firefighter Matt Harrold, said: “When we got her out she was very shaken and thirsty, but after she was checked over and had a cuddle and a drink of water she calmed down.

“We would always encourage people to call the RSPCA in the first instance if they see an animal stuck or in distress.

“Firefighters love animals too and we are always happy to assist if our specialist equipment is required, as in this case.”

Kitten found with injured paw in street

The RSPCA is caring for an injured kitten after he was discovered alone and struggling to walk in Durham.

Dusty, the eight-week-old kitten, was spotted by a member of the public lying in the middle of the road with an injured right paw in Commercial Street on Sunday.

Inspector Krissy Raine said: “Dusty was lucky he was spotted when he was as he really needed help. Luckily, his paw isn’t broken but vets believe his injury could be nerve damage, possibly from a bite wound or maybe he was stuck in something and damaged his paw as he struggled free.


"This little fella isn’t microchipped so we haven’t been able to find an owner for him, or find out what happened to cause his injuries, unfortunately.

“The vets believe it could take around two months before he is back to full health and can walk properly again. However, despite his injury, he is starting to come out of his shell and has even started walking on his injured leg. He has lots of energy and will purr when he gets some fuss and loves playing with his toys, just like any other kitten.”

Once Dusty has recovered he will be available for rehoming through the RSPCA Cat Hub.