'My Dad says it's not about who rules Sudan, but how Sudan is ruled'

Yasir Arman was arrested in Sudan - his daughter Sanna is waiting for news
Sudan is entering the second day of a national strike. On Sunday, security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition to disperse protesters who were attempting to set up barricades in the capital, Khartoum. 

The prominent politician and rebel leader Yasir Arman, who had only recently returned from exile, was among five people arrested. His daughter, Sanna Arman, is in London waiting to hear news about his condition. She joined Newsday and began by sharing a passage she wrote as the violence began.

(Photo: Yasir Arman. Credit: BBC)
Sudan crisis: Activists killed by paramilitary group
A Sudanese official says 46 protestors were killed by paramilitaries, however opposition activists say the figure is far higher.