Will Quince

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Conservative MP Will Quince says baby loss remains a "massive taboo" that needs to be broken.

MP optimistic over bereavement rights bill

The MP for Colchester says he's confident the bereavement rights bill will make it to the next stage in parliament.

Conservative Will Quince, whose son was stillborn in 2015, is campaigning for parents to get paid leave if their child dies.

Will Quince

He said: "I'm really optimistic at second reading that the parental bereavement leave will make its way on and through to the next stage, which is committee and report stage.

"It would literally give us world-class bereavement rights.

"Parents would be entitled to two weeks paid leave if they lose their child up to the age of 18, something we don't have at the moment."

The legislation, which Mr Quince helped introduce, has its second reading today.