Toni Morrison

Writer Yiyun Li on Toni Morrison's "faith in the absolute truth"

Chinese-American fiction writer Yiyun Li on Toni Morrison
Award winning Chinese-American fiction writer, Yiyun Li reflects on the impact American author Toni Morrison, who died last week, had on her writing. 

(Picture: Toni Morrison attends the Carl Sandburg literary awards dinner at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum on 20th October 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. Credit: Getty Images)

Bristol poet laureate writes an article in tribute to Toni Morrison

Image of Vanessa Kisuule

Bristol's poet laureate has written an article with respect to the late author Toni Morrison.

Vanessa Kisuule was commissioned by the Metro, a UK wide news outlet.

In the article she explains how Miss Morrison's literary works influenced her growing up.

She wrote: "Morrison reminds me of the aunties and grandmas I grew up with. Black women who are equal parts stern and loving, who can anoint you in their slow smiles or chill your blood with a warning glance."

"I hope that in her death we don’t sanitise her politics as we’ve done with many other black leaders. Whilst celebrating the beauty of her words, we must also heed the uncomfortable truths she lay in our laps."

Miss Kisuule was appointed as Bristol poet Laureate from 2018 until 2020.

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