1. BreakingTrump projected to win Montana


    Montana is projected to vote for Donald Trump.

    The Treasure State has been a stronghold of the Grand Old Party since 1968, except for a single victory for Bill Clinton in 1992.

  2. Two more states legalise recreational cannabis

    A joint being roasted

    New Jersey voters overwhelmingly turned out in support of legalised recreational cannabis, according to AP results.

    The measure means the state is to become the 12th with legal weed. It passed with about 67% of the vote and with the support of all 21 counties in the state.

    Minutes after New Jersey was called, Arizona was also projected to pass a measure legalising cannabis for adult use.

    Voters in two other states will be deciding whether or not to legalise cannabis tonight. Montana and South Dakota still have to report their results.

  3. Polling closes in four states

    Polls are closing in a few minutes in Iowa (6 electoral votes), Montana (3); Nevada (6) and Utah (6).

    Not a lot of electoral college votes are on the table in these states, but either candidate will need all they can get to reach the necessary 270.

    You can always check the state of the race by looking at the latest tally at the top of this page.

  4. Video content

    Video caption: Trump voter: 'These people here are genuine Americans'

    The BBC went to the US state of Montana to hear what voters think of President Trump.

  5. Video content

    Video caption: 'I was detained for speaking Spanish in the US'

    Ana Suda and a friend were stopped by police in Montana for speaking the language.

  6. Video content

    Video caption: A black bear takes a nap in hotel bathroom

    A bear climbed through a window to take a nap in a hotel bathroom in Big Sky, Montana.

  7. Video content

    Video caption: US trade wars: Montana farmers 'rely on international customers'

    For farmers in Montana the potential of long-term disruption to exports is a concern.

  8. Video content

    Video caption: President Trump goads Senator Elizabeth Warren with #MeToo jibe

    The president makes a #MeToo dig as taunts a senator over her Native-American heritage claims.

  9. Video content

    Video caption: Border patrol: 'I heard you speaking Spanish'

    A Border Patrol officer stopped two Latina women in Montana because they were speaking Spanish.