West Virginia

  1. BreakingTrump projected to win West Virginia

    Donald Trump is projected to win the state of West Virginia.

    The Appalachian state gave Trump the vote in 2016 and also backed Republicans in the four previous races.

  2. Polls close in North Carolina, West Virginia and Ohio

    Polling stations have just closed in North Carolina (15 electoral votes); Ohio (18 electoral votes); and West Virginia (5 electoral votes).

    Ohio, which has long been a battleground state in presidential elections, will be seen as a bellwether this year. Traditionally, every Republican that has lost Ohio has lost the race.

    North Carolina is emerging as a key swing state, which has seen many a recent campaign visit from Trump. Now it's time to see if all those visits paid off.

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    Video caption: What coal country makes of Trump impeachment

    The view from Americans celebrating Veterans Day in West Virginia, which backed Trump in 2016.

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    Video caption: 'People think we're hillbillies but we're not'

    What do Americans think of people in other states? We asked people in West Virginia what's said about them.

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    Video caption: West Virginia mine rescue: 'It's a Christmas blessing'

    After five days trapped underground in an abandoned mine, the three people were brought to the surface.