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I won't get to see women driving in Saudi Arabia

A women's rights activist who doesn't feel she can return to her country
Manal al-Sharif co-founded the #Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia and was arrested and jailed for driving her own car in 2011. Now living in Australia, she was planning to return home to drive with her son once the driving ban was finally lifted in June 2018. However she doesn't feel safe to return to her country following the recent arrests of other activists.

Image and credit: Manal al-Sharif

Saudi Arabia backs US electric car-maker

Electric car
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Saudi Arabia is planning to invest $1bn in Lucid Motors to help the US car-maker launch a commercial electric vehicle - the Lucid Air - by 2020.

A spokesman for Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF), said: "By investing in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market, PIF is gaining exposure to long-term growth opportunities, supporting innovation and technological development and driving revenue and sectoral diversification for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

The authoritarian states trying to own the future

China and Saudi Arabia are investing billions in hi-tech industry
China and Saudi Arabia are investing billions in hi-tech industry.  The BBC's media editor Amol Rajan explains.
(Picture: A woman uses her mobile phone in front of a display board for the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei.
Credit: AFP/Getty)