Japanese knotweed

Wigan Council's £300k plan to root out plant invaders

A council is set to spend £300,000 to root out invasive plants including Japanese knotweed and giant hogweed.


Wigan Council will set aside more than £100,000 over three years to tackle destructive plants in up to 700 affected spaces if plans are approved.

It said if they spread to private land it could be liable for "significant costs" and outsourcing eradication work to contractors "could cost millions".

It follows a ruling awarding a homeowner blighted by knotweed £15,000.

The plans, which would see four staff members hired, have been developed by the council's corporate land management team along with organization such as the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and the Canal and Rivers Trust.

Water company appoints Japanese Knotweed specialist

BBC Radio Cornwall

South West Water has become the first water company in the UK to appoint a dedicated ecologist, to deal with the problem of Japanese Knotweed.

Kate Hills has worked for the company as an ecologist and environmental planner since 2008, but she took up her new brief of invasive non-native species ecologist earlier this month.

She says knotweed can be extremely damaging to water courses.

"The number of invasives coming into the country is increasing or [we are] realising more about the impact they have, particularly in water," she said.

"The aquatic invasives are especially problematic."

Japanese Knotweed

How to get rid of Japanese Knotweed.

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