Thomas Nourse-Wright has become infatuated with the Paris cathedral
Thomas Nourse-Wright has become obsessed with the Paris cathedral.

Peers discuss fire threat to parliament

Calls for renovation of the Palace of Westminster to be speeded up.
The devastating fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has raised fears for the Palace of Westminster which is facing a major renovation. 
Peers have urged the Palace authorities to speed up the planned work and called for better fire prevention systems. David Cornock reports.
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Bells on Sunday from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Recorded during the Cathedral's 850th anniversary celebrations in 2013.

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Bells on Sunday comes from Notre-Dame Cathedral, in Paris.
A special Bells on Sunday for Easter, following the fire which broke out in Paris’s Notre Dame cathedral on April 15th. As part of the 850th anniversary celebrations there, the cathedral received a renewed peal of bells. That was in 2013, when this recording was made. 

Now after the fire, to the dismay of many Parisians, the bells must be silent for a time. Exactly 24 hours after the fire broke out, more than 100 cathedrals across France tolled their bells in solidarity, as did many British towers a few days later. 

The New York Times commented that Emmanuel, the grande dame of Notre Dame’s bells, which has marked so many events great and tragic, will yet lead the majestic chorus again. Maybe not this Easter. But soon.
Notre-Dame fire: How gamers are getting 'inside' the cathedral
Players return to a 2014 video game to visit a digital version of the cathedral, untouched by fire.