Greta Thunberg

Summer with Greta

Campaigner Greta Thunberg describes the remarkable and tumultuous past year of her life.
Everywhere she goes, cameras click, people ask for autographs and selfies and tell her how wonderful she is. But what’s it really like to become the world’s most famous campaigner on climate change, when you’re still a teenager? The activist Greta Thunberg wrote a revelatory extended essay for Swedish Radio, which was featured on Sommar i P1, a legendary series which has been wildly popular in Sweden for over six decades. She describes her journey to deliver a speech at the UN General Assembly, observing the effects of climate change first-hand, her encounters with both powerful and ordinary people and a terrifying trip in a yacht across the Atlantic. This Swedish Radio production is introduced by Justin Rowlatt, the BBC's chief environment correspondent, and Greta's essay is interspersed with excerpts of her favourite music. 
Producer: Mattias Österlund 
Sound engineer/technician Lisa Abrahamsson