Information technology

  1. The Joy of Data

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    Video caption: Hannah Fry reveals what data is and how it is captured, stored, shared and made sense of.

    Exploration of the word of our age - data - with mathematician Hannah Fry. What is data? How is it stored, shared, made sense of? And what does data reveal about us and the world?

  2. Computers in the 60s

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    Video caption: A compilation of 1960s features on how computers started to be used in homes and offices.

    A compilation of Tomorrow's World features first broadcast in the 1960s, looking at how computers started to be used in homes, schools and offices.

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    Video caption: 'Dive through the window of opportunity'

    Technology boss Steve Killelea says entrepreneurs must act fast when a business opportunity arises.

  4. Now The Chips Are Down

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    Video caption: The rise of the microprocessor and its effect on industry. (1978)

    First transmitted in 1978, Horizon examines the rise of the microprocessor and asks if automation presents a problem for the future of British industry.

  5. Call to spend up to £20m on new electronic patient records

    The supplier of Guernsey's electronic health record systems will provide a further six months of support "in light of the Covid-19 pandemic" as work to bring in a new system continues.

    Support for the current system TRAKCare 2012 is now due to finish on 31 March 2021.

    The Committee for Health and Social Care and the Policy and Resources Committee are asking the States for the authority to spend up to £20m to bring in a replacement system.

    Bringing a new system online could take 18 months.

    The report from the committees said: "The possible impact that any resulting downtime might have on crucial services and patient care would be unacceptable at any point but given the evolving global picture in respect of COVID-19, it is particularly untenable at this time."

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    Video caption: CEO Secrets: Wipro boss on taking the 'risky path' at work

    Abidali Neemuchwala, boss of the global Indian IT firm Wipro, shares his CEO Secrets.

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    Video caption: Deepfake videos: Can you really believe what you see?

    With deepfake technology, it is getting easier to turn yourself into somebody else on screen.

  8. Why are South Africans paying so much for their data?

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    Video caption: Data charges are 'excessive' compared with other countries on the continent

    Data charges are 'excessive' compared to other countries on the continent

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    Video caption: Mozilla CEO: 'Don't hide things from your workers'

    Mozilla boss Mitchell Baker says "don't hide things - even the scary, risky things" from your staff.