Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Time is running out... get your entries in by 10am on 2nd July

Amanda Farley

BBC Ouch

Ahead of the BBC Ouch Storytelling Live deadline, here's a bit of inspiration to get you working up a great story you can submit to us.

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The comical side of swapping Hollywood for Middleton

Ian Youngs

Entertainment and Arts Reporter, BBC News

Former Hollywood actor and producer Hopwood DePree has moved across the Pond to bring his ancestral home back to its former glory in between stand up comedy gigs.

Hopwood DePree

His forefathers have lived at Hopwood Hall in Middleton since the 12th Century and his dream is to restore the stately home which has been neglected for decades.

DePree's plan is to turn it into a retreat for artists from around the world and hopes to use it to stage film, music and theatre events in between comedy shows The Yank Is A Manc at the Brighton, Manchester, Camden and Edinburgh Fringe.