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Blocked sewers prompt 'wipes' flush warning

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North East and Cumbria

Damage caused by blocked sewers is being highlighted by a utility company, as it urges people to be careful about what they flush down the toilet.

Northumbrian Water says it has cleared almost 10,000 blockages across its sewer network so far this year.

One of the main causes is wet wipes and plastic, which can also end up in rivers or the sea, leading to pollution.

Richard Warneford, from Northumbrian Water, said: "Despite wet wipes being promoted as ‘flushable' they rarely are, as they may leave your toilet bowl when flushed but can clog up householders' plumbing and can also cause blockages in our network of sewer pipes.

"Blockages can have devastating consequences to people's homes being flooded and the environment being polluted, which is so saddening to see."


Plan to build £16m underground reservoir

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Herbert Soden

Plans for a £16m underground reservoir that would supply water to 50,000 people have been revealed.

Northumbrian Water has applied for planning permission for a new covered service reservoir, capable of storing more than 62 million litres of water, near Springwell Village.

The water company’s planning consultants Lichfields submitted applications for the scheme to Sunderland and Gateshead councils earlier this month.

Michael Baker, Northumbrian Water’s tactical planning manager, said: "The area which will be fed by this new service reservoir includes Springwell, as well as the wider Wearside and South Tyneside areas.

"The service reservoir, which will consist of two reinforced concrete compartments would be covered with grass to fit in with the local environment, will help to ensure a resilient water supply for the area, strengthening the existing network in the area. “