Florida school shooting

  1. Killer in Our Classroom: Never Again

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    Video caption: Documentary following students campaigning for stricter gun laws after a mass shooting.

    Documentary following students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in the aftermath of one of the worst mass school shootings in recent history.

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    Video caption: 'My voice has power to try to help others'

    The brother of a Dunblane victim says he sees the anniversary of the shootings as an opportunity to help stop other tragedies.

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    Video caption: 'Support from Dunblane gives me hope'

    The father of a victim of a school shooting in the US says support from families in Dunblane gives him hope for change in his country.

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    Video caption: 'Our kids died in the Parkland school shooting, but we don't agree on guns'

    The parents of two Parkland victims share different views on the issue of gun violence in the US.

  5. Helping the survivors of school shootings

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    Video caption: Family members of two victims of US school shootings speak to Weekend

    Family members of two victims of US school shootings speak to Weekend.

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    Video caption: Zachary Cruz: 'My brother was the Parkland gunman'

    "The whole world is going to give him hate - why do I?" says Zachary Cruz of the Parkland shooting gunman.