David Attenborough

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    Video caption: David Attenborough records ship's announcements

    Not only has he given his name to the UK's new polar ship but Sir David has also lent his voice.

  2. Attenborough letter delights Carlisle campaign group

    A personal reply from Sir David Attenborough has heartened a group of environmental campaigners in Carlisle.

    The "Save Deer Park Field" group is opposing plans to build up to 80 homes on an area of land near the Kingmoor Sidings Nature Reserve.

    The group says the area is popular with nature enthusiasts, but Carlisle City Council planning officers have recommended approval at a meeting tomorrow.

    Pat Duncan from the campaign said Sir David said he understood their concern but as he knew nothing about the site itself, they should contact the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

    Sir David Attenborough
    Quote Message: That this great man took the time and the effort to hand-pen a letter with some advice, meant a lot not just me but too all the people who are in the Deer Park Field Group." from Pat Duncan
    Pat Duncan
  3. Attenborough: The excesses of capitalism must be ‘curbed'

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    Video caption: The renowned broadcaster says the excesses of capitalism must be "curbed" to help nature.

    Renowned broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, says the excesses of capitalism have to be "curbed" in order to help the natural world "flourish again".

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    Video caption: 'Do you like spiders?' - Royal children quiz Sir David Attenborough

    From monkeys to spiders - Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ask about the natural world.

  5. "We've overrun the planet" - Sir David Attenborough speaks in an exclusive interview with BBC Breakfast

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    Video caption: Sir David Attenborough speaks to Louise head of his new book and documentary

    David Attenborough's new book A Life On Our Planet - My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future is out on October 1st. His new film is called A Life On Our Planet.

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    Video caption: Sir David Attenborough gets quizzed by kids after plea to world leaders to save nature

    His hope for the future of the planet lies in the hands of children, so what do they want to ask him?

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    Video caption: ‘We’ve overrun the planet’ - Attenborough

    BBC Breakfast spoke to Sir David Attenborough ahead of his new documentary A Life on Our Planet.