David Attenborough

  1. COP26 - is 1.5°C still alive?

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    Video caption: The UN's chief climate negotiator on watered down pledges and rising temperatures.

    We were told it was now or never. The UN's chief climate negotiator Patricia Espinosa discusses whether COP26 was a catalyst for change, or a conference of little consequence.

  2. Sir David Attenborough Meets a Young Radio 1 Listener

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    Video caption: Sir David Attenborough joins Greg James and young Radio 1 listener Harry.

    Greg James heard listener Harry was doing a school project on Sir David Attenborough, who better to help out than the man himself!

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    Video caption: COP26: Sir David Attenborough tells leaders, 'The world is looking to you'

    COP26 people's advocate Sir David Attenborough makes an impassioned plea for climate change action.

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    Video caption: Sir David wishes Attenborough polar ship 'bon voyage'

    The naturalist and broadcaster visits the ship that bears his name ahead of its maiden ocean expedition.

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    Video caption: Fly alongside the Sir David Attenborough polar ship

    The UK's new polar research ship, the RRS Sir David Attenborough, is ready for her first expedition.

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    Video caption: 1.5C target is both 'important and achievable'

    The UK's chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, says global warming can be brought under control.

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    Video caption: Sir David Attenborough urges nations to take climate action

    The BBC goes behind the scenes with Sir David Attenborough on the set of his new series, The Green Planet.

  8. Sir David Attenborough

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    Video caption: The BBC's David Shukman in conversation with renowned naturalist, Sir David Attenborough.

    As David Shukman's stint as the BBC's Science Editor draws to a close, he reflects on the conversations he's had with Sir David Attenborough over the years.

  9. Billy Connolly and Sir David Attenborough

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    Video caption: From 1998. Michael Parkinson's guests are Billy Connolly and Sir David Attenborough.

    First transmitted in 1998. Parkinson's guests are Billy Connolly, who talks about acting, comedy and life, and Sir David Attenborough, with anecdotes from the world of animals.

  10. The Earthshot Prize - the one million pound awards to help mend the planet

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    Video caption: The green carpet event rewarding people around the world trying to save our planet.

    Costa Rica and two best friends who grow coral are among the five winners. The annual awards - created by Prince William - reward projects trying to save the planet.

  11. Our Planet Now trailer

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    Video caption: Watch the trailer for Our Planet Now
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    Video caption: Attenborough to Climate Assembly: 'You've given me a lot of hope'

    Sir David Attenborough met with members in Parliament, to discuss action on climate change.

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    Video caption: Climate change: Girl, six, riding scooter to save rainforests

    Aleesha, from Nottingham, has been praised by Sir David Attenborough, the prime minister and even the Queen.