Lady Hale

Lady Hale and Elsie Owusu on architecture & justice

What should a Supreme Court look like? Architect Elsie Owusu talks to Lady Hale
Architect Elsie Owusu discusses the refurbishment of the Supreme Court building with Lady Hale.

The creation of the Supreme Court in 2009 was a defining moment in UK legal history.  And in architectural history, too.  It was decided to refurbish the century-old Middlesex Guildhall which stands in London's Parliament Square.  At the time it housed seven Crown Courts and was, according to Lady Hale, 'cluttered and gloomy'.  Lady Hale, who has recently retired as the first female President of the Supreme Court, was involved in the renovation process, and worked alongside Elsie Owusu who was one of the architects.  Just over 10 years on, they get together to discuss what they wanted to achieve: a building of 'light and transparency' which would mirror the aims of the Supreme Court itself.

Producer: Karen Gregor
'There was a gasp in the courtroom' - retiring Supreme Court President Lady Hale
The retiring Supreme Court president reflects on a momentous ruling, her career and that spider brooch.
Lady Hale: 'Not everyone thinks I'm such a good thing'
The UK's most senior judge looks back at past criticisms, in a speech to mark her retirement.

Lady Hale on her time as Supreme Court President

Lady Hale reflects on her time as Supreme Court President
The UK's most senior judge has delivered a speech to mark her retirement.
Lady Hale, the Supreme Court President, will leave her post next month when she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 75.
In her valedictory speech she spoke about some of the highlights of her role and responded to some of the criticism she has received.

Baroness Hale

Baroness Hale, president of the Supreme Court, delivered a bombshell ruling this week.
Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court, was wearing a giant spider brooch as she delivered this week’s bombshell ruling that Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful. "Spiderwoman takes down the Hulk" was the headline in one newspaper. Mark Coles looks at the life of the first woman to lead the UK's highest court.

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