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  1. I feel very honoured - new black German MP

    BBC Focus on Africa radio

    While talks continue to see who is going form Germany's next government, one newly elected MP is still coming to terms with the fact that she is the country's first black female lawmaker.

    "I really really feel very honoured," she told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme.

    Eritrean-born Awet Tesfaiesus, who trained as a lawyer, represents the Green Party.

    She said that when she was growing up she could never imagine becoming an MP as she never saw black people doing those kinds of jobs.

    As a student in the 1990s she considered leaving the country because of the level of racist violence that she witnessed.

    Now she is committed to staying and making a difference for her son, saying that she does not want him wondering if he has a future in Germany.

    Listen to the interview with the BBC's Paul Bakibinga:

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    Video caption: Eritrean-born Awet Tesfaiesus is among the newly elected MPs of Germany's Bundestag
  2. Eritrean-born woman elected German MP

    Tesfalem Araia

    BBC Tigrinya

    Awet Tesfaiesus

    Following Sunday's German elections, Green party politician Awet Tesfaiesus will become the first African-born black female MP in the country's parliament, known as the Bundestag.

    Since graduating from Frankfurt University in 2006, the 47-year-old has been practising law, often representing asylum seekers and refugees, local media report.

    Born in Eritrea, she migrated to Germany with her family at the age of six and grew up in Heidelberg.

    A member of the Greens since 2009, she was thrust into active politics following the 2020 shooting in Hanau, just outside Frankfurt, in which a neo-Nazi sympathiser killed at least nine people.

    Her name, Awet, means victory in her native Eritrean Tigrinya language.

    Negotiations to form the next German government are on-going but Ms Awet's party is likely to play a key part.

    Last year another Eritrean made headlines after he became the first African-born member of New Zealand’s parliament. Ibrahim Omer is a member of the Labour Party.

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