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    Video caption: China bans Namewee's viral pop song Fragile

    Fragile mocks Beijing and “little pinks”, a term referring to young nationalists who rush to the defence of the Chinese government.

  2. Jungle Green: Borneo

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    Video caption: 40 Commando patrols jungles in North Borneo, in search of Indonesian terrorists. (1964)

    First transmitted in 1964, this programme follows the lives of a group of British soldiers from 40 Commando Royal Marines, as they set up camp and patrol the North Borneo jungle.

  3. Episode 6

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    Video caption: After 12,000 miles, 21 countries and four seas, the finish line is in sight.

    After 12,000 miles, two continents, 21 countries and four seas, the finish line is in sight as the four teams complete the final leg of the Race Across the World.

  4. Clip update

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    Video caption: Rick is spoilt for choice as he explores the multifaceted food of Penang.

    Rick Stein's culinary journey continues as he explores the food of Penang: a mix of indigenous Malay, Indian and Chinese with a bit of British charm thrown in for good measure.

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    Video caption: Bitcoin mining machines steamrolled by Malaysia police

    Officers had seized more than 1,000 Bitcoin mining units allegedly powered by stolen electricity.