Islamic State group

  1. Research says most IS attacks happen in Africa

    Primary school children lie on the floor of their classroom during an emergency attack simulation in Dori on February 3, 2020.
    Image caption: Children in Burkina Faso even practice reacting to a jihadist attack

    An annual review of terrorism trends has found that sub-Saharan Africa saw the most attacks linked to the Islamic State group and its affiliates.

    The Global Terrorism Index, developed by the think tank the Institute of Economics and Peace, found that there were just under 14,000 deaths across the world linked to terrorism - the fifth consecutive year that figure had decreased.

    It found that the largest decrease in deaths were in Nigeria and Afghanistan.

    The largest increase in terrorism occurred in Burkina Faso – where deaths rose by 590%.

    The index also marks Mozambique, Mali and Niger as among the countries that have had a concerning increase in terrorist attacks.

    It warned that deteriorating economic conditions could make more people susceptible to extremist propaganda.

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