Islamic State group

  1. Return from ISIS: A Family’s Story

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    Video caption: One family's journey from a small town in America to the heart of ISIS and back.

    The extraordinary story of one family's journey from a small town in America to the heart of the Islamic State group and back.

  2. The Jihadis from My Schooldays

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    Video caption: Olivia Davies investigates what happens to those who leave the UK to join Isis.

    Reporter Olivia Davies went to school with three boys who later went to fight in Syria. She investigates why they abandoned the UK and what happened to them when they joined the barbaric Isis regime.

  3. The children of IS: At risk of radicalisation and violence in Syrian camps

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    Video caption: Thousands of wives and children of Islamic State's foreign fighters are in camps in Syria

    Thousands of wives and children of Islamic State's foreign fighters are currently held in camps in northern Syria.

  4. Legacy

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    Video caption: The emergence of Isis concludes the brutal legacy of the Iraq War.

    America eventually leaves Iraq, but when Isis emerges to take over huge swathes of the country, the US is forced back to confront the brutal legacy of the 2003 invasion.

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    Video caption: 'Let her come and face the consequences'

    Nicole Jack's mother says her granddaughters should not be languishing in a camp in Syria.

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    Video caption: Islamic State mother: 'We're out of sight, out of mind'

    Nicole Jack and her three daughters are currently being held in a detention camp in Syria.

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    Video caption: 'I don't like how the camp is dirty'

    Nicole Jack joined the Islamic State group with her young children in 2015. Her 12-year-old daughter told the BBC about life in a Syrian detention camp.

  8. IS fails to comment as France declares Sahel chief dead

    Mina al-Lami

    Jihadist media specialist, BBC Monitoring

    The Islamic State group has said it carried out attacks committed up to two months ago in the Sahel - but failed to comment on the reported death of its regional leader there.

    Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi formed Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) in 2015, and on Thursday French President Emmanuel Macron announced his death at the hands of French forces.

    The group and its jihadist rival al-Qaeda are blamed for most attacks in the region, including the targeted killing of French aid workers in 2020.

    The IS group's weekly newspaper, al-Naba, claimed attacks against the army and pro-army "militias" in Niger, against al-Qaeda rivals in Mali and Burkina Faso, and against "spies" in Mali - covering a period between early July and early September.

    It is typical of IS claims from the Sahel to be weeks and even months old.

    In its latest al-Naba report, the group reiterated that such delays were caused by "the security and technical circumstances [affecting] the mujahidin" on the ground.

    A map of the Sahel
    Image caption: The Sahel stretches across Africa south of the Sahara desert - from Senegal in the west to Eritrea in the east