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Diversity is hugely important to me

Reflecting real life on the catwalk at London Fashion Week
Reflecting real life on the catwalk at London Fashion Week is imperative for Deborah St Louis, CEO of Fashion's Finest. Her aim is to offer a platform for UK and international emerging designers, and influence the fashion industry by showing all types of models in her LFW event.  The BBC's Susannah Streeter caught up with her after the show.
(Image: Deborah St Louis and Model, Credit: Peter Hogan)

London Fashion Week embraces diversity

A mix of models representing real women strut the catwalk at LFW 2018
London is showing off the latest styles from big names and up-and-coming designers at this year's Fashion Week.
But it's not just the creations that are under the spotlight. The types of models used on the catwalks are coming under increasing scrutiny. There is a growing backlash against fashion magazines and shows which use models who are considered too thin, too white, and too young.
So at many events during fashion week this year there has been a big diversity drive to make sure all women are represented on the catwalk. Susannah Streeter went along to find out more.
(Image: Designer Jeanette Young and model Natalie Nwagbo Credit: BBC)

London Fashion Week: Handbags and Brexit

Handbag designer Claudia Furst is worried that Brexit could hurt her business.
The fashion industry directly contributed more than $40bn to the UK economy last year and continues to outstrip national average growth figures. It is now equivalent in size to the telecoms sector, according to the British Fashion Council.

For many new designers, showing at London fashion week marks a big step in the evolution of their brand. But some are worried that Brexit will hurt their business and force them to outsource production.

(Photo credit: @goodevansphotography)
London Fashion Week 2018: Robots take over the runway
A catwalk show at London Fashion Week has divided opinions about the future of fashion.