Chris Grayling

HS2: 'The budget is the budget' says Grayling

More from that Transport Committee hearing with Chris Grayling, transport secretary, which Tom Burridge, the BBC's transport correspondent is watching.

It's moved on to HS2, the high speed rail network.

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'More capacity in winter' says Grayling

The BBC's transport correspondent Tom Burridge is watching Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, give evidence to MPs on the Transport Committee.

A wide range of issues are being covered, including the decision to sign deals with ferry companies as part of Brexit contingency planning.

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Minister backs city airport against environmental fears

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has defended the reintroduction of commercial passenger flights from Cumbria against criticism from environmentalists.

Carlisle Airport opened its doors to passengers this morning, and there was a small protest by green campaigners who say that more flights should not be encouraged when the risks of climate change are so great.

Mr Grayling said climate change needed to be tackled at a "global level", but Cumbria shouldn't be deprived of the economic benefits that an airport could bring.

Carlisle airport

We can't simply close down aviation within the UK alone, or deprive a county like Cumbria of the economic opportunity an airport like this provides."

Chris Grayling

RMT prepares to ballot for national rail stake

train and people on a platform
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The RMT union says it is preparing to ballot for first national rail strike since privatisation over twenty years ago.

It says it has written to transport secretary Chris Grayling, the industry's regulator, all the train operating companies and the Rail Delivery Group to spell out that if there is a move to impose reductions in future pension benefits, or significantly increase member contributions, it will take the "necessary action" to defend pensions.

Mick Cash, general secretary, said: "If it takes the first national rail strike in a generation to defend our members pensions then so be it"