Medical technology

  1. Fighting Covid-19 in Afghanistan via telemedicine

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    Video caption: Doctors from around the world have come together to help colleagues in Afghanistan

    Fighting a pandemic is particularly hard in war-torn, low resource countries such as Afghanistan but doctors from around the world have come together to help colleagues there.

  2. Is it safe to take drugs after their 'use by' date?

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    Video caption: Some medication has been found to be safe months, or even years, after its expiry date

    Tests on a selection of medication have found it safe months, or even years, after its expiry date.

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    Video caption: CES 2019: EyeQue's glasses test you can do at home

    EyeQue's smartphone accessory lets owners order new glasses without having to see an optician.

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    Video caption: Spinal implant helps paralysed patients walk again

    Scientists develop an implant that can enable paralysed patients to walk again temporarily.

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    Video caption: 'Spinal implant helped me walk again'

    Kelly Thomas learned to walk again after doctors attached an electrical patch to her spinal cord.

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    Video caption: A better way to care for dementia patients

    Infrared technology and artificial intelligence offer a better way to take care of dementia patients. It can scan their vital signs 24 hours a day.

  7. By Natasha Lipman

    BBC World Service

    Javier Artigas

    When Javier Artigas saved the life of a famous writer it led to a meeting with a billionaire - which enabled him to help kidney dialysis patients travel the world.

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    Video caption: The firm that can 3D print human organs

    How Swedish firm Cellink is able to create human ears and noses through 3D printing.