India-Pakistan relations

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    Video caption: Being a TikTok influencer without the internet

    Wasil lives in Jammu Kashmir and for more than a year the Indian government has blocked connectivity in the region.

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    Video caption: Kartarpur: Temple of hope between India and Pakistan

    Parminder Singh Sandu wanted to visit Kartarpur temple all his life - but couldn't until now.

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    Video caption: 'Kartarpur can change south Asia', say Pakistan FM

    The BBC spoke to Shah Mehmood Qureshi about the co-operation that led to the Kartarpur corridor.

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    Video caption: India and Pakistan open Kartarpur corridor to Sikh temple

    In a rare instance of co-operation, Pakistan and India are set to inaugurate a new border crossing point.

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    Video caption: India formally divides Jammu and Kashmir state

    India has formally divided the flashpoint state into two new federally-administered territories.