School meals

The power of a meal

How free school meals transformed one child's life
Free mid-day meals have encouraged millions of children in India to stay in school and complete their education. Before the lunches were introduced 20 years ago, many children had to sacrifice their studies and go to work to help feed their families. One man, Diwakar, tells Emily Thomas how these meals, cooked and delivered by the charity Akshaya Patra, changed his life.

(Picture: A boy eating a mid-day meal at a school in India. Credit: Getty Images)

Feeding Kenya's classrooms

The project boosting school attendance through cheap mid-day meals
Wawira Njiru was studying nutrition at university in Australia when she read about shocking levels of stunting and malnutrition among children in sub-Saharan Africa. So when she returned home to Kenya she set up a small-scale project providing subsidised meals for a handful of students at a school in Nairobi. Seven years later Food4Education serves more than 10,000 meals each day, and Wawira's goal is to ensure that in the future no Kenyan child has to choose between going to school and finding food. Mercy Juma went to see the project in action.

Food4Education is one of the finalists in The Food Chain’s Global Champion Award 2019.

(Picture: Children with their lunch at a school in Nairobi. Credit: Wawira Njiru/Food4Education)