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Carbon Counting

Local meat or foreign veg- which is better for the planet?

Carbon Counting

How much does the carbon footprint of a Cumbrian family farm contribute to climate change?
Will Case, like many farmers, is worried about climate change and uncomfortable about reports that farming is a key contributor to it. He wonders where his family farm which produces beef, salt marsh lamb, free-range eggs and milk on the edge of Morecambe Bay near Ulverston in Cumbria fits into the bigger picture of global heating. Caz Graham takes Mike Berners-Lee, a leading expert in carbon foot-printing to meet Will, look at his farm’s carbon footprint and discuss where UK farming sits in the context of global agriculture and climate change.

'The only low carbon flight is no flight at all'

BBC Radio 5 Live

ryanair passengers

Professor Chris Fogwill, director of Keele's Institute for Sustainable Futures, spoke to Radio 5 Live about the impact of air travel on the environment. He was speaking as Ryanair was due to publish its results.

"The only low carbon flight is no flight at all. Carbon offsetting is really challenging. It's developing a whole industry around it. The production of CO2 is producing another industry. We have to look at this as part of a bigger picture. We produce a huge amount of CO2. We’ve got to reduce it".

But offsetting carbon is not necessarily the way to do it, he said. Looking at the cost of carbon is important. And, he said, train travel is about the tenth of that air travel when it comes to the CO2 footprint.

Could cricket and worm burgers help save the planet?
Insects are being touted as an eco-friendly protein source, but do bug burgers pass the taste test?