1. The Missing Princess

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    Video caption: The story of Princess Latifa, who was thwarted in an attempt to escape Dubai in 2018.

    After Princess Latifa was thwarted in her escape from Dubai, the world was told that she was back in the loving care of her family. With footage from her secret phone, Panorama tells her full story.

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    Video caption: Dubai expects 25 million people to visit World Expo

    Dubai hopes to draw 25 million visitors to World Expo 2020 which will showcase tech and innovation.

  3. Dubai-Bradford trip gives new hope for badly injured cat

    Tim Daley

    BBC Radio Leeds

    A cat which was left paralysed by a road accident in Dubai has been flown thousands of miles to West Yorkshire for treatment.

    Manisha recovering in Bradford

    Manisha went through a 30-hour 4,000-mile-plus plane journey to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue after being found badly injured in the United Arab Emirates.

    The eight-month-old cat is paralysed in her back legs and has a broken spine.

    She was flown to the UK as part of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Network:

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    Katie Lloyd, from Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, has told BBC Radio Leeds she wanted to help because of what she called Dubai’s "terrible" animal welfare record.

    “Usually they euthanize cats. They have been known to put disabled, paralysed and ill cats in the desert and leave them to dehydrate and starve to death," she said.

    "When I heard that and saw this little cat, I thought we’ve got to get her to Bradford."

    But Ms Lloyd says the cat remains severely disabled and a surgery plan is now being drawn up, along with a programme of physiotherapy.