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Roof spikes planned in ongoing battle with gulls

Worcester's ongoing efforts to try and cut the number of gulls in the city could see businesses putting spikes on their roofs this summer


The city council's been battling for several years to try and reduce the bird population as they're seen as a nuisance and have been known to attack people.

In their latest move, council staff visited dozens of businesses to encourage them to get rid of old nests, put up spikes to stop gulls perching and look at putting up netting.

The council's also working with local takeaways to cut the amount of food available for the birds to scavenge.

Greens celebrate new Worcester councillor

Nationally the Green party has gained 42 councillors so far, with one of them winning in Worcester with almost 58% of the vote, toppling a Conservative opponent.

The success means the Green Party now has three city councillors.

The Green gain means the city council is now made up of 17 Conservatives, 15 Labour councillors and three Greens – meaning the Tories lost their overall majority.

Marjory Bisset said she was delighted to have been elected and it was a great honour.

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'Get on with Brexit' - Tory plea after losing Worcester

Tom Edwards

Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

The Conservative leader at Worcester City Council has called on the government to "get on with Brexit" after his party lost control of the authority.

Counting in Worcester

Eleven of the council's 35 seats were up for election: the Tories won seven, Labour three and the Greens secured one.

In total, the Conservatives now have 17 seats after losing one to the Green Party which has a total of three.

Like many parts of the country, the Worcester Tory leader was blaming a Brexit backlash at the ballot box.

There is a message to government here, get on with Brexit, get us out of Europe quickly and I call on my colleagues in the Conservative Party who are not voting for Theresa May's deal to vote for it and let's get this deal done."

Marc BaylissConservative leader, Worcester City Council

Stories of the night

Allen Cook

BBC News

For those of you waking up, this is how the overnight election results have panned out in the West Midlands.

Votes being counted in Dudley

One of the big results saw the Conservative Party seize overall control of Walsall Council, taking two seats off Labour.

However, the party couldn't make enough gains to take Dudley Borough Council as it tied with Labour for the number of seats, although, with a Tory mayor, it has a casting vote when it comes to deciding later this month who'll lead the authority.

Elsewhere, the Tories lost their majority in Worcester but held on to North Warwickshire, Rugby and Tamworth.

Labour, meanwhile, held on to Coventry, Sandwell, Telford and Wrekin and Wolverhampton.

We're still waiting for the final result from Stoke-on-Trent.

West Midlands election results so far

Let's recap on the results we've had so far tonight.

  • Coventry City Council - Labour hold
  • North Warwickshire Borough Council - Conservative hold
  • Rugby Borough Council - Conservative hold
  • Sandwell Borough Council - Labour hold
  • Tamworth Borough Council - Conservative hold
  • Walsall Borough Council - Conservative gains overall control
  • Wolverhampton City Council - Labour hold
  • Worcester City Council - Conservatives lose overal control

There are still three to come from Dudley, Telford and Wrekin and Stoke-on-Trent.

Final tally from Worcester

Allen Cook

BBC News

This is the final picture from Worcester City Council after tonight's election results, with the Conservative Party losing overall control:

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Conservatives lose overall control of Worcester

Tom Edwards

Reporter, BBC Hereford & Worcester

The Conservatives have lost overall control of Worcester City Council.

With a third of seats being voted on this election, and the Conservatives holding a slim overall lead from the last time people went to the polls, they can't now get an overall majority.

With one ward to be declared, we have totals of 16 Conservative councillors, 15 Labour and three Green Party members.