Algeria protests

Algeria recalls France ambassador after protest film

Algerian police disperse a protest by lawyers and journalists against their ailing president's bid for a fifth term in power, in Algiers on 7 March 2019.
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Algerians protested against then-President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's bid for a fifth term

Algeria has recalled its ambassador to France in response to a documentary on the protest movement in Algeria that was broadcast on French television on Tuesday.

The Algerian foreign ministry said that the people of Algeria and the country's institutions had been attacked in the film.

Entitled Algerie Mon Amour (Algeria, My Love), the documentary focuses on the Hirak movement that has been at the heart of the anti-government protests - as well as looking at how young Algerians see their lives.

It broke with a number of taboos and highlighted sociocultural divisions driving the movement, the AFP news agency reports.

The film has already triggered a wave of criticism online from a number of Algerians.


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