UN Security Council

  1. Kenya defeats Djibouti for African Security Council seat

    UN Security Council

    Kenya was elected to the UN Security Council on Thursday after defeating Djibouti in a run-off vote.

    The east African nation will replace South Africa in the non-permanent seat. It received 129 votes against Djibouti's 62.

    Niger and Tunisia are currently the other representatives of the African continent on the council.

    All non-permanent members serve for two years.

    Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta said the win was a "demonstration of the country's growing profile and influence in the community of nations as a steadfast and dependable development partner".

    He thanked Djibouti for being a "worthwhile opponent" and the African Union for its endorsement.

  2. Vote on Africa's Security Council seat goes to run-off

    The United Nations Security Council

    Kenya and Djibouti will compete in a run-off vote on Thursday to become Africa's next representative on the Security Council after an inconclusive first round of voting.

    The United Nations General Assembly voted on Wednesday on who will occupy the non-permanent seats on the council for the next two years.

    The vote for Africa's third seat was pushed back after neither Kenya nor Djibouti managed to achieve the required two-thirds majority required to win.

    Kenya received 113 votes against Djibouti, which got 78.

    The winner will join Niger and Tunisia currently representing the African continent.

    Kenya was nominated by the African Union (AU) member states to replace South Africa for the seat that will fall vacant in January 2021, but Djibouti demanded a review of the decision and refused to withdraw its candidacy.

    French-speaking Djibouti and English-speaking Kenya are both highlighting their roles to seek peace in the Horn of Africa region, the AFP news agency reports.

    India, Mexico, Norway and Ireland were chosen as non-permanent members, while Canada lost out again.

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