1. Corporation tax rise 'sends a worrying signal'

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    The CBI, the business lobbying group, has welcomed many announcements in Rishi Sunak's Budget, in particular the new "super deduction" which will allow firms to cut their tax bills by 25p for every £1 they invest in new equipment.

    But it has quite a different view on the rise in corporation tax:

    Quote Message: Moving corporation tax to 25% in one leap will cause a sharp intake of breath for many businesses and sends a worrying signal to those planning to invest in the UK. The government must now have a laser-like focus on the UK’s competitive position in the round, including fundamental reform of the unfair business rates system. The UK must remain attractive for every type of business, from the innovation, high-growth UK homegrown firm to the global firms investing in the UK. from Tony Danker director general of the CBI
    Tony Dankerdirector general of the CBI
  2. Brexit delays 'cost businesses'


    The CBI, the UK's business lobby group, says that news the UK and the EU will continue Brexit talks gives it hope.

    But it says: "Ongoing delays are frustrating and cost businesses."

    The CBI says the UK government must, firstly, provide detailed guidance to businesses this week on issues such border checks.

    Secondly, companies must be given a grace period to allow them to adjust to a deal or no deal.

    "And third, prepare support for firms who will face the greatest challenges in the short run. Those in sectors and supply chains that are badly hit will face extinction through tariffs, red tape and extra costs."

  3. 'Remove damaging cliff edge" businesses tell the UK and EU

    Image caption: The CBI says businesses need time to adapt to processes such as border checks

    Confederation of British Industry (CBI) director-general Tony Danker says both sides need to be "deeply practical" – and remove the immediate threat of a damaging cliff edge.

    But he adds: "With less than three weeks to go, we also need to plan in parallel for 1 January, deal or no-deal.

    “That means everything from border systems and processes to data adequacy and financial services equivalence.

    "It also means allowing sensible grace periods for businesses to adapt to re-labelling of products and phasing-in of border checks."

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