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Fracking suspended after Lancashire earthquake

Cuadrilla's fracking site in Lancashire
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Cuadrilla's fracking site in Lancashire

Energy company Cuadrilla has stopped fracking for shale gas in Lancashire following the largest earthquake since the process started.

Cuadrilla re-started fracking a week ago but was forced to stop following the 1.55 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday evening.

The company claimed that most locals would not have felt it "due to its small size".

It said: "The equivalent ground motion would be similar to a large bag of shopping dropping to the floor."

Fracking to restart near Blackpool, report

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Sky News is reporting that fracking for shale gas will restart in the north west of England later this year.

Cuadrilla, the energy company, says it will "remobilise hydraulic fracturing equipment in the third quarter of 2019".

It said work will completed by the end of November "subject to regulatory approvals".

Fracking was suspended last year following minor seismic events.